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A lifetime's worth of wedding film

Getting married? We help to record that happiness.

We know very well that the happiness of each new couple may seem similar, but the background stories behind them are different. We've also become your best friends at this moment, as we zip through nervous and excited brides and grooms, and the guests coming and going, with cameras in hand. Like the old friends who knew you for ages, we instantly understood how you met, how you fell in love, how you overcome the difficulties that took place along the road, and how you decided to hand over the power to accompany your future to each other on this special day.


We love this job - because we're not just witnessing love with a camera, we're interpreting the twisting threads and moving plots of every love story. In that short, busy day, we acutely capture those vivid, subtle, decisive moments, condense it all into a film that lasts for minutes, and make this microfilm one of the best and most precious memories of your life.


​Various Packages for your choice

We have a variety of packages for you to choose from.


It is important to mention that we offer you a delivery speed that is unparalleled in all of Germany - forget about having to wait weeks, or even months, to relive the joy of your wedding! You can have a high-quality short video in late afternoon at the earliest! Just imagine,  when your guests are seated at the dinner hall and the big screen is showing the funniest or most touching moments of the being day and how you, your darling and your guests will be totally blown away by this amazing setup!


From shooting time, to film length, to delivery speed...HOCHZEITFLIX provides you with a reasonable pricing plan, allowing you to have a good record that exceeds your expectations while keeping the price within your budget.

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